A lot of times route planning and route optimisation are used as if it were the same. This is not correct, because there is a big difference between the two applications.

Google maps is your friend in many circumstances but when it comes to calculating the best routes for your trucks, nothing beats a professional truck route planning system.

It’s not strange that all the functions in TLNplanner are not known by everybody, because of all the functionalities that are available. Datamanager is an example of one of those functions.

Training on location

If you would like to get even more out of TLNplanner as a customer, we also provide training at your location or at our offices in Utrecht (NL). The training will be fully tailored to your needs so that every user within your organization will receive the correct instruction. This makes the training suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

For all options and costs, you can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone on +31 (0)346 581 600.

TLNplanner Masterclasses

We organise masterclasses in the autumn in collaboration with Dutch and Belgian industry organisations. If you would like to know more about when and where these will be held, we would like to hear from you so that we can keep you informed. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out a contact form.


TLNplanner is the standard route planner for the logistics sector. Developed by PTV Group in collaboration with TLN (Transport & Logistiek Nederland) due to the need for a standardised system for calculating times and distances. And to avoid disputes between clients, carriers and shippers.

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Truck friendly routes

TLNplanner takes the attributes of lorries into account, so you get routes, times and distances based on your vehicle profile. This is the reason why Google Maps is not suitable for planning your lorry routes.


Transport route planning available anytime, anywhere. With TLNplanner Internet, you can use your route planner anywhere and at any time. All you need is an internet connection. Your individual details, such as your lorry profiles or route points, are saved in your personal account.

PTV Group

Has been a supplier of software solutions for the planning and optimization of traffic, mobility and transport planning issues for 40 years. In addition to TLNplanner, PTV Group has also developed a route optimisation system for planning distribution routes; PTV Route Optimiser ST. In addition, these functionalities are also available in Web APIs for Developers; PTV XServer.

Want to know more? Contact us on +31 (0)346 581 600 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About TLN

Transport en Logistiek Nederland (TLN) is the largest organisation representing the interests of road haulage and logistics service providers. TLN represents the interests of more than 6,000 members, ranging from small transport companies to large logistics service providers. TLN supplies a wide range of individual service packages and provides a collective representation of interests, both nationally and internationally. The head office is located in Zoetermeer. There are also five regional offices throughout the country. TLN has 118 employees. For further information go to www.tln.nl


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What is Tender+?

The Tender+ functionality in TLNplanner is designed to make quick and reliable calculations for multiple time, distance, toll costs, transport costs & emission calculations in Excel. This functionality is standard in TLNplanner and it does not require a separate installation or update. A user interface is available for setting the parameters and for uploading and downloading data sets in Excel. In short, no interfaces need to be created.

The bulk calculations are performed in the background, even when you log out of TLNplanner, shut down your internet browser, or turn off your computer. Once the calculations have been completed, you will receive an in-app notification or an email message.

Multiple stops in Tender+

Previously it was only possible to perform calculations from A to B. From now on it is also possible to add intermediate points and to include this in the calculation.

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What can you achieve with Tender+

Fast and reliable transport costs calculation

When you have to manually perform multiple calculations for a new tender, this can be very time consuming and mistakes can easily be made. An incorrect calculation can have a big impact on the rest of the calculation. With tender+ you can rely on the accurate calculation that you are used to from TLNplanner, but created in Excel. You are assured of the latest map material, as well as the current and future toll costs. In short: avoid mistakes and save time.

Strategic decisions

Compare the impact of changes in distances, transport costs, driving and rest periods and the toll costs of different vehicles to get a clear picture of the costs and benefits. Furthermore, you can also calculate already completed journeys, so that you can generate various reports of, among other things, the profitability of customers.

Use Tender+

The Tender+ module is only available within TLNplanner. The first hundred calculations are free of charge. Are you convinced? Then contact us to discuss the options. This can be done via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on +31 (0) 346 581 600.

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It is not only planners who use TLNplanner on a daily basis. This calculation tool is also used by other members in the organisation to calculate times, distances, emissions, toll costs and transport costs. For example, the sales or finance departments.

Time and Distance Calculations

With TLNplanner, you can quickly and accurately calculate the distance and driving time behind the wheel for each route, as well as the rest time that the driver needs to plan along the way. Will a truck, a van or a passenger car be used for the trip? TLNplanner lets you choose from a wide range of vehicle profiles, always giving you a reliable and realistic calculation.

Toll and transport costs

An increasingly large part of transport costs is made up of toll costs. Is the planned route through tunnels or along roads where tolls are levied? Is it a truck that is subject to tolls in Belgium or Germany? With TLNplanner you not only calculate the total transport costs, but also the toll costs.

Fuel costs and emissions

Not only your company, but also your customers face major challenges in order to meet climate objectives. The logistics sector alone has expressed the aim to halve CO2 emissions caused by transport by 2030. TLNplanner enables you to calculate not only fuel consumption per trip, but also emissions.

Estimates and actual costings

Maintaining or even increasing the profit margin starts with a reliable estimate and ends with a proper actual costing. With TLNplanner, you are able to calculate in advance whether a trip is profitable, which means you can include the correct rates in your quote. Did you outsource the trip? You can easily calculate whether the invoiced amounts are correct. Using TLNplanner avoids misunderstandings.


Would you like to integrate the functionality of TLNplanner with your own software by means of an API or web service?

With the PTV xServer Internet web service it is possible to integrate the time, distance and toll calculations of TLNplanner into your own software solution.

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The fact that not everyone is familiar with all the options in TLNplanner is not unusual, given its many features. For example, one of its features is the Data Manager with which users can import their own customer and supplier data, including contact details, into TLNplanner, as well as other items such as loading or unloading locations.

Instantly Visible Data

To make all the locations of your customer or supplier immediately visible on the map, you now only have to enter their name. If you have many regular customers or suppliers, you do not have to enter the address information again and again. The Data Manager lets you enter frequently recurring addresses in the TLNplanner as standard.

screenshots tlnplanner datamanager

Customer and supplier data

If there are restrictions on certain customers, these can be included in the Data Manager. These may include various factors such as: time windows, stay times and also other comments including: loading and unloading points, contacts or telephone numbers. This data can be entered by means of a CSV import or manually created.

Overview by means of symbols

TLNplanner offers you the option to choose different symbols and colours for your delivery addresses. Choosing different symbols and colours gives you a clear picture of your delivery addresses on the TLNplanner map. For more information about TLNplanner's Data Manager, you can contact our helpdesk using the details below, or view the digital manual here.

The basic licence comprises the TLNplanner program and the TLNplanner map. This map covers all of Europe at the street name level.

Members* Annual rate
Primary License € 438,00*
Additional license(s) € 273,00*


Non-members Annual rate
Primary License € 849,00
Additional license(s) € 516,00

Member prices apply only to members of one of the industry organisations shown below.
  Transport Logistiek Nederland (TLN), FEBETRA, UPTR en Transport Logistiek Vlaanderen (TLV)

Agreement and invoicing

The internet license of TLNplanner is of the subscription type. The subscription will last a minimum of 1 year and will be extended by default until the subscription is cancelled. Cancellation has to be done via your own account in the TLNplanner Internet customer service. Invoicing takes place digitally (PDF) using the email addresses that have been entered at the registration.


After placing your order via the TLNplanner Internet customer service, you may immediately make use of TLNplanner internet using the supplied accounts in administration tool.

Terms and Conditions

The above mentioned prices are excluding VAT and are valid from the 1st of December 2021 until the 30st of November 2022. PTV has the right to adjust prices in between. The following terms and conditions and privacy statement apply to all our deliveries.

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TLNplanner internet is the standard route planner for the logistics sector. One of the most important features is being able to calculate the most optimal route, whereby current toll and other costs are automatically displayed. We have prepared a brochure of a short summary of the functionalities of TLNplanner Internet.

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A.V.G. Transport provides full or partial logistics for a wide range of national and international clients, transporting building materials, for example.

Jan van Dam Transport has provided transportation of industrial machines around the world for over twenty years.

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