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Would you like to use a professional route planning system specially developed for the logistics sector? Would you like to put an end to disputes with carriers and shipping companies? Then choose TLNplanner.

PTV Group has developed a standardised product in collaboration with Transport en Logistiek Nederland (TLN) and the Vereniging van Zeecontainers (VZV). This standardisation gives everyone an equal basis for invoicing, based on unique TLN kilometres. No more disputes! Take advantage of all the benefits of a professional route planner. You can test TLNplanner for free!

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What's new in TLNplanner?

05 May 2020 | News

On Monday, May 4, there has been an update for TLNplanner. Read here what has changed. Read more »

What can you expect from the new TLNplanner update?

24 April 2020 | News

On May 4th between 18:00 and 20:00 there is an update scheduled for TLNplanner. Read here what will change. Read more »

Update TLNplanner

09 December 2019 | News

Monday 9th of December we have updated TLNplanner. Read more »


TLNplanner Internet works better

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The right version and updates automatically

Jan van Dam Transport has provided transportation of industrial machines around the world for over twenty years. Read more »

TLNplanner fits with our total concept

Ewals Cargo Care has been active in logistics for more than a hundred years. The company has 1,600 employees, responsible for around 5,000 transport orders within and outside Europe every day. Read more »

Switching to TLNplanner delivers immediate advantages

B&F International is a Dutch logistics company based in Barendrecht and active in European haulage, warehousing, sea and air and project logistics since 1996. Read more »


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Verhoging Duitse Maut vanaf 1 december 2023!

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